About Acta Publica

Acta Publica was founded in 2016 by Nyhetsbyrån Siren, a press agency, and the archive and research company Piscatus.

Nyhetsbyrån Siren is active in monitoring authorities with more than 200 newspapers, radio and TV stations and Internet-based press bodies as customers. Acta Publica’s archive contains Siren’s full document archive from the start in 2000. The editorial activities at Siren are still independent from Acta Publica.

Piscatus was founded in 2010 to offer document archives and research. In 2016 the companies’ archives were merged under the Acta Publica brand. In 2019 Acta Publica merged with BeActa Holding and Be Informed AB.

The company operates from modern offices located at Medborgarplatsen in the Södermalm area of central Stockholm.

The company is owned by its founders and is independent from institutional, ideological and religious interests. Acta Publica are members in the Swedish Media Publishers’ Association.