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Acta Publica has thousands of daily users within many industries, companies and organisations. You can read more about what some of them think about our services here.

“An excellent tool that saves us a lot of time.”

– Marko Tuhkanen, Solicitor, Advokatbyrå Tuhkanen

Advokatbyrå Tuhkanen has been using Acta Publica’s services for many years to conduct research and keep up to date with different legal cases. Six solicitors and lawyers work at the law firm, which has offices in Haparanda, Luleå and Boden. The law firm founder is Solicitor Marko Tuhkanen.

“I generally use Acta Publica every day,” he says. “It is an excellent tool that saves us a lot of time.”

The Esa Teittinen case is perhaps one of Marko Tuhkanen’s most high-profile cases. Esa Teittinen was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the so-called “bathtub murder” which took place in Solna, Sweden in 2009. An initial petition for a new trial was dismissed. After eight years in prison Solicitor Marko Tuhkanen took over the case.

“It was a complex case and I spend many hours reading about it and familiarising myself with it. Not least, documents from Acta Publica’s archive,” states Solicitor Marko Tuhkanen.

Solicitor Tuhkanen’s thorough work paid dividends and the Swedish Supreme Court granted his request for a new trial. Following a new trial in Svea Court of Appeal, all suspicions against Esa Teittinen were dismissed and he was also awarded in excess of SEK 8 million in damages from the Swedish State.

“Acta Publica’s research provides us with a basis for influencing society”

– Ulrika Westerlund, Special Adviser, RFSU

Since it was founded in 1933, The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, RFSU, has worked with advocacy and information concerning sexual and reproductive health and rights. The Association actively words to change norms, attitudes and legislation, both in Sweden, the EU and internationally.

“We are a knowledge-based organisation whose work is based on research and facts,” explains Ulrika Westerlund, Special Advisor on Sexual Policy at RFSU. “Hiring Acta Publica for advanced research, mapping and aggregate data enables us to spend more time and utilise more resources conducting analyses and strategy work.”

An important part of RFSUs advocacy work is drafting different types of documents, writing debate articles and speeches, as well as providing expert advice. The organisation responds to referrals and is included in reference groups when different policy areas are discussed. In addition to this, the organisation arranges conferences and seminars, and representatives from RFSU participate in meetings on both UN and EU levels.

“It is very important that everything we do is based on quality assured facts. Acta Publica has established tools and systems that give us a stable ground to stand on.”

“Acta Publica helps us to protect children and young people.”

– Ulrika Toftered, CEO, Lärarpartner

Lärarpartner has been staffing preschools and schools since 2006. The services will help the company’s customers to have a functioning daily life and to attract more pedagogues to the industry.

“We want our customers to feel secure when hiring Lärarpartner. With Acta Publica’s help we conduct extensive background checks on our substitute employees in order to strengthen children and young people’s protection against crime and violation.”

The checks from Acta Publica are a complement to the Extract from the Swedish Criminal Records (2010:800), which everyone working in a preschool or school must present.

“My experience with Acta Publica is that they are always responsive and take our needs seriously. They are quick to provide feedback and have help us with analyses when we needed more specific information and understanding.”

For Lärarpartner the collaboration with Acta Publica means that the company can match customer assignments with the right person at the right place, with added security.

“The archive is a research gold mine.”

– Christian Holmén, Head of Investigative Journalism at the Swedish newspaper Expressen

Christian Holmén is one of Sweden’s top award-winning journalists. He has won the Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism five times and has been nominated three times for the Swedish Association of Investigative Journalism’s Golden Shovel prize.  He works as Head of Investigative Journalism at the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

“Acta Publica is probably the tool we use most. We are nearly always logged in so we can dig up news or map persons of interest or phenomena. Expressen’s reporters primarily use the archive and the different monitoring services.”

“The archive is a research gold mine.” There is no other archive where, with one single search, you can get hits on documents from more than 600 authorities, ranging from reports to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN), to decisions from the Swedish National Board of Appeal for Student Aid.”

Expressen uses Acta Publica’s monitor services to become notified in real time of new documents that relate to stories the newspaper is working on.

“Acta Publica has made investigative journalism much easier and much better.” Research that previously took several weeks can now be conducted at the computer in just a few seconds.