Terms and conditions of use and GDPR

Terms and conditions of use

• By logging onto the website and/or using the information that is made available on or via the website www.actapublica.se, you approve these terms and conditions.

• The services and products supplied at www.actapublica.se are subject to the conditions specified in the applicable agreements for the respective service and product.

• The website has a Publication License issued by the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority. This means that the website is protected by the Swedish Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression (1991:1469) (Yttrandefrihetsgrundlagen (1991:1469). As a result of this protection, the rules in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are not applicable in cases where this is contrary to the provisions of the Swedish Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression (1991:1469).

• Use of the information and services at www.actapublica.se takes place at the user’s own responsibility. The supplier is not liable in any case for any direct or indirect damage, costs, losses or claims based on the use of or decisions made with support of the services and/or products supplied via www.actapublica.se.

• The services may not be used in a manner that is contrary to the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

• Documentation and information provided to media companies for publication purposes by Acta Publica’s CEO Matti Larsson or by persons to which he has delegated this task. In this respect, Acta Publica and Matti Larsson are to be regarded as data providers in addition to the provisions in the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act (Tryckfrihetsförordningen (TF)) and he Swedish Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression (Yttrandefrihetsgrundlagen (YG).

• Acta Publicas electronic documents, audio or image files may neither be resold, redistributed, or in some other way made available to third parties, nor may it be published in printed or digital form, or archived by the customer in another database unless specifically specified in the agreement.

• Login codes, such as licensed username and password, are personal for the respective users and may not be given to someone other than the licensed user. The user is liable towards Acta Publica for all activities conducted using the allocated login codes.

GDPR and personal data policy, GDPR and cookies

• Acta Publica AB has a Publication License issued by the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority for its journalistic activities, including press, radio and TV. This means that the website and newsletters have Swedish constitutional protection under the Swedish Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression (1991:1469) (Yttrandefrihetsgrundlagen (1991:1469). One consequence of the constitutional protection means that the Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act are not applicable to such information.

• Parts of the information on the website belong to you, as a user, e.g., for contact forms or when creating a user account. The Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act apply for this data.

• Acta Publica AB keeps records of customers and users that have registered for or agreed to services at Acta Publica. The records may include personal data such as name, personal identity number, postal address, telephone number, electronic addresses, delivery, payment and purchase details, profiling based on address and statistical data based on the use of the company’s services.

• The data is used by Acta Publica for invoicing, information and delivery of products, and for marketing and as a basis for statistics and product development. The data can be used as a basis for Acta Publica to be able to adapt content and offers. Acta Publicas customers and registered users consent to marketing taking place. Marketing via e-mail and text messages is regulated under the Swedish Marketing Act.

• In order to fulfil the above purpose, your personal data will be processed by us, but may also be disclosed to a third party and processed by our service suppliers, such as IT suppliers or marketing partners, such as the newsletter system. We may also disclose your personal data to companies within the Group of companies. We take reasonable legal, technical and organisational measures to ensure that information about you is handled safety and at an adequate safety level when transferring or sharing this information to third parties. Furthermore, your personal data may be disclosed if so, prescribed by law, regulation or decision by the authorities.

• The Customer is personal data controller for data received. As Acta Publica processes the customer’s personal data on the customer’s behalf and this does not occur within the framework for Acta Publica’s editorial activities, Acta Publica has the role of personal data processor.

• All users have the right to, and free of charge, revoke their consent, demand correction/deletion of any incorrect facts or request a register extract in writing.

• Personal data is saved during the time you has an ongoing user relationship and for a period following this. The consent is valid until the user terminates it and does not expire if this service is not used. The consent is not dependent on any service agreements.

• Cookies are comprised of small text files and are a customary tool on the Internet. Acta Publica can use so-called cookies and other similar technologies to see how Acta Publicas digital services are used and to adapt the user experience. We use cookies in certain cases to remember your settings so that you do not have to adjust them at each visit. The cookie files are read and stored by the web browser in the equipment used to visit the websites.  If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, then you can shut off the function in your web browser. If you choose not to allow cookies, then this may result in limited website functionality. Acta Publicas customers and registered users consent to the use of cookies.


Contact ACTA PUBLICA via letter to the Data Protection Officer, ACTA PUBLICA AB, Östgötagatan 16, 116 25 Stockholm. This policy is valid from and including 21/05/2018.