Background checks

Acta Publica carries out background checks on individuals and companies from any conceivable angle

As our customer, your subscription to Sweden’s largest privately owned document archive, allows you to conduct your own searches on personal identity numbers, company registration numbers, names or keywords. Continuous monitoring means you will be notified when your search word appears in new documents. Source data is comprised of more than 60 million documents from some 600 authorities. An updated list is available in the report Open sources in Acta Publica.

Background checks ordered from Acta Publica are carried out by some of Sweden’s most high-level researchers. Through our own intelligence we map out the continuing risk associated with individuals and companies that may be linked to either organised crime or political/ideologically motivated extremism. These exclusive checks ensure that our customers’ do not conduct business that favours groups such as outlaw motorcycle gangs or the Islamic State, or that the customer is not infiltrated by such groups via employment.

We check presence and activity in both open social media and in certain parts of the so-called Dark net on assignment. We also check information contained on CVs including information related to education and prior employment. 

For smaller assignments we offer a service that automatically generates a report on the person containing basic findings from the most important controlling interests. On the site Be Informed our customers can download an extract from criminal record data or a basic check of a company without intermediary bodies and the risk of manipulation.

The customer portal has a high level of security and we guarantee confidentiality. In the event of any problems, we have a support team available by phone during daytime hours. We also offer training in how to use the databases, as well as how to conduct more advanced research and mapping.