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Who can become a customer?

Acta Publica is directed towards companies and authorities. We are used during recruitment, due diligence, business intelligence and mapping. Our services are not intended for use by private individuals. 

How much does the service cost? 

We have several different services and offer everything from customised access to our document archive to qualified research assignments. Phone our sales department at +46 (0)8-557 695 07 and we will provide you with more information. 

Are Acta Publica’s databases GDPR compliant?

Acta Publica has a Publication License issued by the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority. The editor-in-chief is Mikael Ekman. Are Acta Publica’s databases not covered under GDPR? Like all other personal data, such as personal data for our customers, we are subject to GDPR like all other companies. Read more about GDPR here. 


All employees are subject to duty of confidentiality. Sub-suppliers are not given access to information relating to the assignment.

Några av våra specialister

Specialist on political and religious extremism

Mikael Ekman

Mikael Ekman is head of Acta Publica’s research department and is one of country’s leading experts on far-right extremism having spent many years at Expo.

Together with the investigative journalist, and subsequently bestselling author Stieg Larsson, in 2001 he published the work Sverigedemokraterna: den nationella rörelsen (Sweden Democrats: The National Movement). He is also co-author of the book Sverigedemokraterna från insidan (Sweden Democrats from the Inside) which was released in 2004.

Mikael Ekman is often consulted in investigations concerning political extremism. He also has significant experience working as a producer for Swedish television programmes within the legal genre, such as Efterlyst and Trolljägarna.

Specialist in Internet research

Martin Fredriksson

Martin Fredriksson, one of Sweden’s leading researchers, conducts mappings related to social media and the Dark net. During his earlier journalist career, he was nominated for the Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism, both for his skills within database analyses (2017) and for having revealed the persons behind Flashbacks anonymous hate posts (2014) using “pioneering but controversial methods”.

Martin Fredriksson was awarded the Swedish Association of Investigative Journalism Guldspade (“Golden shovel”) prize in 2013 for “groundbreaking and innovative research that led to a breakthrough and resulted in new knowledge about anonymous cyber-bullying”.

Martin Fredriksson has developed a methodology for reviewing both the open Internet forum, as well as closed groups where users can carry out hate crimes and other criminal acts using assumed anonymity from an alias. Acta Publica can link anonymous user aliases to persons in several forums on the Dark net.

Specialist in organised crime

Matti Larsson

Matti Larsson is highly experienced in carrying out analysis on organised crime. He is one of the award nominated authors of the works “Svensk Maffia – en kartläggning av den organiserade brottsligheten (Swedish Mafia – a survey of organised criminality)” and “Svensk Maffia – fortsättningen (Swedish Mafia – the continuation)”.

Matti Larsson has also been editor of Reporto, the publisher for investigative journalism, and published investigative books within fields such as Islamic extremism, “Jihad” by Magnus Sandelin and human trafficking, “Handelsvara: Kvinna (Commodity: Woman)” by Johanna Bäckström Lerneby, and organised crime “Helvetet inifrån (The Hell from Within)” by Lasse Wierup and Daniel Olsson. 

With an MBA and an MSc in corporate finance and studies in business journalism, Matti Larsson is extremely skilled in conducting both corporate and private investigations. He has been nominated for the Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism and twice for the Swedish Association of Investigative Journalism’s Golden Shovel prize.

Robert Aschberg
Specialist in cyber-bullying

Robert Aschberg

Robert Aschberg is one of Sweden’s most well-known investigative TV journalists with a solid journalistic background from Swedish companies Expressen, TV3 and Aftonbladet.

Robert Aschberg is highly experienced in the fields of organized crime, far-right extremism and cyber-bullying. He has been a presenter for Swedish television programmes including Efterlyst, Insider and Trolljägarna.
Roberg Aschberg is also one of the founders of Expo and is also on its board of directors.

He has been awarded for his investigative reports. He has been the Chair of the Swedish Publicists’ Association since 2019.

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