Document databases

Acta Publica offers access to Sweden’s largest private document databases

The archive contains more than 60 million documents from approximately 600 governmental authorities, municipalities and regions. Some 40,000 new documents are fed into the archive every week. A current list of the source data is available in the report Open sources in Acta Publica.

In order to provide reliable data an archive needs to be comprehensive and reliable. Therefore, our important documents are quality assured, such as judgements from the Swedish courts. Our employees manually compare each new judgement in the archive against the case list from the Swedish courts to ensure that nothing is missing or has been entered incorrectly.

All documents are scanned and are converted into searchable data using modern OCR technology. The document databases allow you, as our customer, to set up alarm functions that notify you when new documents are uploaded.

Access to the archive is supplied as an ongoing monthly subscription either as a full archive, or a customised smaller solution adapted to suit your specific needs. Contact the sales department at +46 (0) 8-557 695 07 or via e-mail to for more information about prices and options.