At Acta Publica we have some of Sweden’s most high-level researchers with experience from Sweden’s largest news desks and organisations

Several of our employees have been nominated for the research industry’s top award such as the Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism and the Swedish Association of Investigative Journalism Guldspade (“Golden shovel”) through their previous jobs. You can read more about some of our subject matter experts here.

Specialist skills are used both for external assignments and to ensure that the company continuously develops its own data collection and analysis models for our different databases.

Examples of common research assignments include advanced background checks and mapping companies, organisations and phenomena.

Acta Publica possesses unique competence when it comes to conducting reviews of organised crime and violent political and religious extremism. We are hired during sensitive recruitment processes and mapping where the client wishes to ensure that they minimise the risk of exposure to such groups. 

Mappings of how specific issues are handled in political assemblies are another recurring task that Acta Publica has performed for different clients.